Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Riverside NA will be held on Monday, May 1 at the Ladmo Boys and Girls Club at 715 West 5th Street in Tempe. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m.


ASU Student Arrested in Tempe Shooting

Kyle Levitt, 25, fatally shot 20-year-old Gabriel Batten at the Haven Luxury Apartments near Broadway Road and McClintock Drive early yesterday morning.

The Haven Luxury Apartments should rethink their distinctive web site photo compositions….

Tempe Residents Happy…

…but want private property owners whose land is shabby to be sad.

Eight-six percent gave positive marks to the city’s quality of life and 87 percent liked the city’s image.

The entire 2011 report can be found here.

Tempe Working to Correct Polling Error

The city is relying on Spanish and English news agencies, social media, fliers and neighborhood leaders to help fix a mistake that directed District 5 voters to the wrong polling place.

Bus Strike Impacts Tempe Transit

The drivers went on strike Saturday against Veolia Transportation over wages and benefit disputes.

Site of Shootings May Be Shut Down

On Friday, the owner of The Clubhouse Music Venue was also arrested and cited for violating the club’s security plan.

Suspect Arrested in Tempe Murder

Blaine Christopher Griffin Jr. was arrested in connection with the Jan. 18 shooting at the Hayden Lane Apartments.

Tempe School Guard Indicted in Theft of Football Proceeds

Kimmie Dwayne Baker, 47, has been indicted in the September theft of more than $1,000 in football ticket proceeds.